Prioritize Unmet Customer Needs

After determining opportunity scores of each desired customer outcome or need, we can prioritize unmet customer needs as those which have high opportunity score, and fall in the underserved category in the scatter plot such as given below:

  • Outcomes with opportunity scores greater than 15 represent extreme areas of opportunity that should not be ignored. This range is denoted in the lower-right section in Scatter plot.
  • Outcomes with opportunity scores between 12 and 15 can be defined as “low-hanging fruit,” ripe for improvement.
  • Outcomes with opportunity scores between 10 and 12 are worthy of consideration especially when discovered in the broad market. Many such opportunities are commonly revealed even in the most mature markets.
  • Outcomes and jobs with opportunity scores below 10 are viewed as unattractive in most markets and offer diminishing returns. In some less functional markets, opportunity scores in this lower range may be worthy of consideration. They are found in the upper-left section of Scatter plot.