Innovation Support Calculator

The following calculator measures innovation support by management, the organization, and overall organizational culture.

Rate each item from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree)

Innovation Support Calculator

Managerial Support

1. My manager [board or owner] motivates me to come to them with new ideas

2. My manager [board or owner] always financially rewards good ideas

3. My manager [board or owner] supports me in implementing good ideas as soon as possible

4. My manager [board or owner] is tolerant of mistakes and errors during the implementation of something new

5. My manager [board or owner] is usually able to obtain support for my proposals outside our department

Organizational Support

6. The method of remuneration in our organization motivates employees to suggest new things and procedures

7. Our organization has set aside sufficient resources to support the implementation of new ideas

8. Our organization provides employees time for putting ideas and innovations into practice

Cultural Support

9. Most people in my organization come up with new, original ideas at work

10. Most people in my organization can implement new ideas at work

11. Most people in my organization look for new challenges at work

12. Most people in my organization are able to improvise easily when unexpected changes happen at work