Evaluate Your Innovative Behavior

Complete the following Innovativeness Survey by rating each item from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).

Innovativeness Score Calculator

Idea generation

1. I try new ways of doing things at work

2. I prefer work that requires original thinking

3. When something does not function well at work, I try to find a new solution

Idea search

4. I try to get new ideas from colleagues or business partners

5. I am interested in how things are done elsewhere in order to use acquired ideas in my own work

6. I search for new ideas from other people in order to try to implement the best ones

Idea communication

7. When I have a new idea, I try to persuade my colleagues of it

8. When I have a new idea, I try to get support for it from management

9. I try to show my colleagues the positive sides of new ideas

10. When I have a new idea, I try to involve people who are able to collaborate on it

Implementing starting activities

11. I develop suitable plans and schedules for the implementation of new ideas

12. I look for and secure funds needed for the implementation of new ideas

13. For the implementation of new ideas, I search for new technologies, processes, or procedures

Involving others

14. When problems occur during implementation, I get them into the hands of those who can solve them

15. I try to involve key decision makers in the implementation of an idea

16. When I have a new idea, I look for people who are able to push it through

Overcoming obstacles

17. I am able to persistently overcome obstacles when implementing an idea

18. I do not give up even when others say it cannot be done

19. I usually do not finish until I accomplish the goal

20. During idea implementation, I am able to persist even when work is not going well at the moment

Innovation outputs

21. I was often successful at work in implementing my ideas and putting them in practice

22. Many things I came up with are used in our organization

23. Whenever I worked somewhere, I improved something there

This scale was developed by Lukes and Stephan to measure employees’ innovative behavior.